Petite Peggy Collier 14 kt m fwp 40 cm

Sophie Bille Brahe lekte med proporsjon og perspektiv når hun designet det populære Peggy halskjeder.

Petite Peggy har mindre, men likevel skinnende ferskvannsperler som synker i størrelse sammen med en 14K gult gull signaturlås, som integreres sømløst og blir en del av designet.

Kjedelengde på 40 cm inkludert lås

NOK 19000,-

Petite Peggy Collier 14 kt m fwp 40 cm

Graduated from London’s Royal College of Arts, fine jewellery designer Sophie Bille Brahe has now started up her eponymous brand. Sophie offers pieces that reflect her thrill for storytelling and avant-garde design, always striving to crack modern luxury. Though the company is new, she has assembled a cult following for her elegant designs. Design that already earned her invitations for showcases and exhibitions around the world. The jewellery has been featured in top fashion magazines, and has adorned a clientele of inspiring women. Sophie is inspired by the reflections in precious stones and gold, the main theme of which includes poetic elements, innovation, the unexplained and her admiration for her Scandinavian design heritage. Over the last few years, Sophie has created a number of showpieces for international designers. Beside her collection Sophie creates handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces sold solely to selected clients.