Kronberg Jewellery

Kronberg Jewellery was founded in Norway 2014 by Simone Kronberg.

Simone is a time served Goldsmith from Denmark and Norway, she then trained and gained valuable work experience at Goldsmith Steen Andersen, Goldsmith Kelø, Ewami and the Copenhagen Technical School. In 2013, Simone graduated from the Plus School in Norway before going on to work for Goldsmith O. Førlie then joining the team at Valberget Gold and Silver. 

With a passion for design and a love of the traditional jewellery craft, each piece within the Kronberg Jewellery collections is uniquely handcrafted, inspired by people, nature, architecture with respect to the history of jewellery. 

Every collection includes bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. Materials used are 925 silver, 14kt and 18 kt yellow, rose and white gold. Precious diamonds, gemstones and fresh water, salt sea and Tahiti pearls are individually sourced and selected for each creation. The Kronberg Jewellery aesthetic provides a renewed and personalized look that is interchangeable with both Kronberg collections or the wearers individual pieces, each piece is designed to look beautiful worn alone or combined with other jewellery.

Kronberg Jewellery provide quality contemporary scandinavian design that is the perfect combination of raw elegance and classic simplicity, to ensure each piece remains timeless.